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Amazing Customer Service

Dealt with them had a little issue , but everything was resolved quickly …amazing customer service from Tim. Thank you so much , I will buy in the future.


Its been a few weeks but so far I hv better results with the belt/body type, in sleep and pain management but that doesn’t mesh this doesn’t work either . Maybe a small space with more panels like this one, would work better since its not close to your skins as the pad types or belts etc would be . Also unlike reviews mention my costumer service was a fail which was disappointing.

High Quality Device!

Have been researching RLT for a while now and decided to take the plunge and get a home device.
When the Optiglo arrived, I was very impressed by the excellent packaging and the overall impression
of it being a very high quality device. It is heavy. The fit and finish are excellent. I have only used it for
a few days so far so hard to tell the health benefits just yet. It functions just as it should. The timer function
is excellent and it's very easy to choose Red Light or Infrared, or both. The stand that it sits on makes it very convenient. I have been sitting it on my desk for a 10min session on my tennis elbow which has been bothering me for weeks. Hopefully it will help with that. If you are looking for a home unit this is an excellent one and the price is right for the level of quality you get. The size is very good too. Get one!

Genuine red light.

I work as a licensed esthetician doing facials and wanted a red light therapy machine for myself to use personally. With consistent use, my skin is the best it's been in a very long time. Other benefits include better sleep, faster recovery for workouts, more energy. Really happy with the unit and I am now considering buying another just so I could target a larger surface area. Either way, this company has itself a lifelong fan.

5.0 out of 5 stars Pro quality high powered red light therapy unit

If like me you have been searching and searching for a red light therapy device, then take my advice and buy this OptiGlo desktop panel. I have been using it for about one month. First impressions are this is a seriously highly quality piece of kit. It’s well made, well packed and comes with easy set up instructions. As soon as I unpacked it I could see that this brand is quality and I was relieved that I paid a little more than some of the cheaper options on Amazon. So value for money this device gets full marks! As for performance, it’s powerful and the very fact that OptiGlo tests its panels independently gives me great peace of mind. I LOVE the feeling of warmth it gives me where I have been using on my knee which suffered a meniscus tear recently. I also use daily on my face and love to close my eyes and drift off somewhere tropical for 5 minutes! Worth its weight in gold, this is a definite BUY!

Awesome Red Light therapy unit

Bought this unit about a month ago and have been extremely pleased with it and the results I’ve been getting. It has both red and infared lights that when combined gives you great healing results! My skin has improved in texture and it been helping clear up blemishes that I’ve been trying to get rid of forever! I work out a lot and have always been sore afterwards even with stretching and I’ve noticed that recovery is faster on my muscles and its also been helping with the arthritis in my joints. The slight heat that the machine generates is quite soothing.
The directions for setup is very clear and easy. It has a timer and easily accessible switches for the different modes of operation. It’s a sturdy, well made piece of equipment. Worth every penny! Im SOLD!!!

Worth it

I notice my hair grows a lot faster and denser since I've used this lamp. My tennis elbow which normally takes weeks to clear now only takes about a few days to clear if I focus on my problem elbow. Back pain is a lot easier to manage thanks to this light. I do a 10 minute session everyone morning and before bed. I noticed drastically improved sleep and sleep quality. If you suffer seasonal depression (SADS) it helps a lot with that as well. I don't have the time to go to my local place that offers these lamps so I figure why not get my own.

Long Covid life saver.

Been using consistently for 2 weeks, and after years of long Covid suffering, this has helped me better than any meds or supplements. 20 min a morning will help. Overall inflammation way down.

I had my doubts......

I have digested a lot of research on RLT and it all makes sense, but still I had my doubts. I thought I would try it anyway and see. Well, I was proven wrong. I have a recurring tear on my hamstring, I always do it after I run too much and do heavy squats. What follows is then a week of hobbling around, very stiff and a fair amount of pain. Only last week I did it again, the difference this time is I used 10 minutes of the MAXIPRO1500 all over my hammie and glute. The difference was profound. I was relatively pain free within 24hrs and was running again after 3 days. Mind blown. This is a great tool to have in your arsenal, especially if like me you're over 40 and things just don't work or recover as well as they used to! 5 stars, amazing product and great brand.

Sub 1

Used 3 times and now receiving this Sub 1 message on the LED screen and the optiglo website doesn't have a single link to a support page.

Hi Cole

If you check page 7 of the manual included it explains that SUB1 means the panel is in follow mode when connecting 2 or more panels. Simply push the follow/lead button at the back of the machine to turn it back to lead mode.

Screenshot from our homepage, contact details in 2 places:

Hope this helps.

Easy to use and premium quality

Only been using for a few weeks but first impressions are great. The packaging was solid and the light box was well protected. This panel has 300 leds and covers a little over half of my body. I like to do 10 mins front and back each day. Came with a manual with clear instructions on how to set up and it was really a plug and play scenario. OptiGlo were also great help in working out which panel to go for, they said the maxi pro is the best selling so I went with that. I am really enjoying using it and can already see improvements in my health.

The only light you'll ever need

I have been saving for this light for ages. I use it in my practice (physiotherapist) and my patience love it. So glad I could finally afford it. I purchased with the horizontal stand (will upload photos later). It is solidly made and the power of the lights is as they say "clinical grade". I've recommended to other physiotherapists and health practitioners. Definitely professional grade bit of kit.

Clinical grade alright!

I have been borrowing my friends MitoMax for some time and I have to say the OptiGlo is as good, if not better. Maybe better as it is cheaper! I use it for 10 minutes every morning, I can literally feel the rays charging my body. My skin is healthier than it's been since i was a kid, my energy is consistent and I can train much much harder (I am a dancer). 5 starts, love this red light

This panel is crazy!

Last year I was in an accident and have had constant back issues ever since. My therapist suggested I try this. I tried in a clinic and the reduction in symptoms was immediate. So I went ahead and purchased the monsta panel. I know RLT works, so my only comments are that this panel is well built, the LEDs are very bright and you can literally feel the light penetrating your skin. I like to close my eyes and imagine I'm sun baking on a tropical island somewhere. Anyhows, great panel, well built and top quality.

Bought for my skin....turns out it does way more.

I bought this after hearinf and reading all about the benefits of red light for skin health. After a few month of use I am pretty sure I look younger and my skin just feels more firm. The wrinkles around my neckline and chest are way reduced. I am also finding I am sleeping better, my general mood is elevated and I just have a spring in my step. Am saving up now to buy an extra panel so I can cover more of my body in one go.

These guys were awesome

I don't know about you but I had sooooo many questions before ordering. These guys were amazing, I spoke to Tim via email and he helped me pick the right panel. he said the PRO1500 was their bestseller and I'm so glad I purchased it. 5 stars for service. Only 4 stars as I haven't used yet and cannot tell you if it works for me.

Great quality

This unit is well built and heavy. i was impressed with the quality straight out the box. Haven't been using long enough to know if it works, will update

My face loves it

Works really well and the quality is top rate.

If red light therapy were a ferrari

Wow. This light is truly a monsta! I love it. It's cut my red light therapy routine in half, just 10 minutes and I'm done. I feel amazing. My skin is super glowing and I can feel the collagen coming back to life. I'm still a competitive athlete and I was curious to see if the research was as good as it says. I'm in my 40s and I'm starting to see athletic gains I thought were a thing of the past for me. I sleep better, feel better and look better. I know it's expensive, but this will last me a lifetime and is a worthy investment. My home set up is complete and I won't need to spend anymore money on treatments or more lights. I have it wall mounted in our bedroom, even hubby is using it now.

a great investment

I use this for pain relief (I'm in 70s with arthritis). I love how easy it is to use and can cover a large area. I find the larger areas I treat, the more benefit I get overall. So happy to feel that it is working and my stiffness/pain is improving. Happy I purchased.

Super high Quality

I must say this thing is really well built. This is not a cheaply made product.

Now as to it working to help medically, I'm not sure yet, but it is of high quality.

Totally worth the few extra dollars! Low EMF!

This is my second RLT device and I can say hands down this is the best quality one by far! From the delivery, packaging and the product quality - this company, OptiGlo, have really knocked it out park. I am super sensitive to EMF so always check any appliance with a RD-10 EMF meter. The reading was less than than 0.5mg at 6” from the device, this device is legit!
I am love how the panel is portable and comes with the accessories to mount it or hang it where you need it. 15 minutes everyday and the pain I have had for years in my fingers and hands from arthritis is noticeably better. I am starting to use on my face and I just feel better, it’s amazing.
100% recommend this product and brand, way to go OptiGlo.

Easy To Use

Definitely feel a difference after a few uses on my lower back.


After numerous forays into alternative medicine and different treatments (some ending painfully and with lots of money lost), I honestly didn't have much hope for this device. However, a dermatologist I watch on Youtube (Dr. Dray) talked about the benefits of Red Light Therapy, and so I tried this device for 6 months (inconsistently).

I was NOT disappointed! I have not used this consistently ( above...I am a fool that has wasted hard earned cash before...why stop now), but bought it for 3 benefits: 1) skin rejuvenation, 2) pain management from a herniated disc and 3) hair growth.

1) Skin Rejuvenation: I don't see a difference, but I don't use it often enough. I like to do the therapy after my morning skincare routine, and I have noticed that my skin is dryer a couple of hours after using the device (maybe my products soak in more...or the device dries them out). This is most noticeable around my eye area.

2) Pain Management: It works! I have a herniated disc in my neck, and when I start exercising the pain can become uncomfortable. I literally light this baby up for 15 minutes (red light and NIR)...turn it off for 10...then light up again for 5-10 minutes...and wow. It stops the pain for me. No Tylenol needed.

3) Hair Growth: It works! I have super fine, toddler-like hair (which is so attractive in your 30s) that somehow I lose fistfuls of in the shower. I have tried all the supplements (I get some minor benefits from marine collagen), but this device with the marine collagen is amazing. I went from a fistful of lost hair to a few strands lost.

The issue is with consistency. Yeah, this device works, but human nature is to rebel. If you cannot see yourself fitting this into your routine, then think this one over. Also, I went for a smaller size HOME300 and regret not getting the larger one. If you are at all lazy like me, the larger one will hit more areas and be a better choice in the long run.

Lots of light and power. Most important 30 degree beam angle.

I use this almost daily upper torso front and back 15 to 20 minutes total. It is fairly easy to adjust up and down hanging from a door. I sleep better and inflammation is diminishing. I trust the notion that our cells are energized by red and near infrared light. The near infrared goes deeper into tissue and so this is where the 30 degree beam angle is important.